A business led by a more diverse leaders and employees with the culture that provides equitable opportunities and ensures inclusivity of all, is more likely to outperform those without. Such foundational construct of an organization driven by empathetic leadership tends to innovate at a faster rate due to the diversity of problem finding and solutioning thoughts that result from the team’s different cultural and experiential views and mental models. As the real-life situation however is nowhere near for business to achieving right degree and depth of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), both academic/applied experiences and innovations of future workforce in project, program, and portfolio management are critical to creating and keeping the body of knowledge current, relevant, and meaningful.

The IPMA DEI Special Interest Group members are dedicated to spur and facilitate conversations on DEI within organizational health framework with the focus on why it is one of the key levers for recruiting and retaining diverse talents for optimal operations of a business and to solve problems more effectively and efficiently.

SIG Global Head

Tikajit Rai
Tikajit RaiGlobal Liasion, Past President
IPMA Nepal

SIG managing team

  • Prava Chhetri, World Relief, USA
  • Pranab Rajbhandari, John Hopkins CCP, Nepal
  • Suraj Dahal, Self-Employed, Nepal

SIG Advisory Board

  • Max Panaro, Maire Tecnimont, Italy

IPMA DEI SIG is dedicated to spurring and facilitating DEI conversations within the organizational health framework. The focus is on why it is key to talent recruitment and retention, as well as a catalyst of cohesive team building. It explores what organizations can do to establish an emotional intelligence mindset to build, nurture, and enhance DEI across teams and top-down leadership structure.

Why join?

The IPMA DEI SIG is the right group for you to join if you are someone who would like to:

  • Share your successful experience in building a cohesive team
  • Discuss challenges you have faced in building one
  • Investigate academically
  • Are just interested to learn more about DEI in general

SIG focus areas

The focus is on people and how an organization can establish a culture in which a sense of belonging is fostered for everyone to thrive. Relevant topics:

  • Organizational health
  • Organizational culture
  • Agility, adaptability, and resilience
  • Well-being and thrivability
  • Emotional IQ

SIG target groups

  • C-Suite leaders
  • Cross-department managers
  • HR/benefit managers
  • Project, program, portfolio managers
  • Change leaders