In today’s world, uncertainties abound, necessitating significant changes in energy independence policies. Although climate change may progress gradually, its effects can be catastrophic and devastating. As such, it is crucial to find a balance between economically efficient and socially acceptable energy production and consumption solutions and explore potential sustainability.

IPMA Energy Special Interest Group members have access to a worldwide network of project management professionals and academics committed to finding ways to secure a modern and sustainable energy future for everyone.

SIG Global Head

SwitzerlandIrina Shreyber
Senior Leading Researcher/Lecturer

SIG Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Beck, Uni Bern/CERN, Switzerland
  • Dr. Frank Tecker, PhD, CERN, Switzerland
  • Boris Kalioujny, PhD, CarbonEdu & Development, France/Russia

  • Boštjan Pišotek, Hidroelektrarne na Spodnji Savi, Slovenia

The Energy SIG provides a platform for members interested in the energy industry to come together and share knowledge, best practices, and insights about project management in this sector.

We advocate for better, more practical methods for development of new business models, allowing energy users to play an active role in the energy transition and enabling dynamic balancing of the supply and demand.

Why join?

Our goal is to build a supportive community to encourage dialogue in the energy field and provide members with resources and specialised knowledge to help successfully navigate the business challenges in the energy sector. All change begins and ends with people and with communication between people!

SIG focus areas

  • Clean Energy Transition
  • Sustainable energy: affordable, cleans, efficient and safe energy, renewable energy
  • Climate Change: Commitment to the environment
  • Technology: Combine Science and Industry efforts
  • Energy and Society: Long-Term Strategy

SIG target groups

  • Researchers, Environmental/Nuclear Scientists;
  • Environmental and Energy Project and Program Managers;
  • Research/Nuclear/Petroleum/Mining/Safety engineers;
  • Strategists;
  • Business leaders