Dear Colleagues,

We are acknowledging every day more and more that Sustainable Development is the most important project in mankind history.
With almost 300 USD trillions of investments up to 2050 already forecasted, it is the larger and pervasively organized effort we have ever witnessed.

However, it is also widely agreed among scientist and experts that we are not on track to achieve the Environmental objectives we have set for 2050, we need to apply a responsible approach to the People of our Planet, while ensuring profitability and success of our organizations.

More decisive actions and policies are to be expected and promoted by Citizens and Corporations, by Public and Non-Profit Organizations.

This is why we promote the idea to go beyond Net Zero, Beyond Sustainability, beyond Corporate Responsibility because it is becoming clear that, despite the funding and the clarity of objectives, we risk to collectively fail for lack of Project and Program Management capabilities.

This is the reason why IPMA has launched the #NET + Special Interest Group

SIG Global Head

ItalyMax Panaro
Maire Tecnimont
Organization, ICT and System Quality VP
SIG: Environmental, social, governance (ESG)

SIG managing team

  • Gilbert Silvius, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Lana Lovrenčić Butković, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Peter Pürckhauer, GPM, Germany
  • Sara Bossi, NEXI, Italy
  • Wolfgang Glitscher, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

SIG Advisory Board

  • Tikatjit Rai, IPMA Nepal

Why join?

The SIG promotes the transformation processes for the circular economy and sustainable energy utilization across all sectors.​

Organizations worldwide need professional support for shaping these transformation processes towards #Net+ for both strategic and operational implementation. The SIG ESG Team of the IPMA organizes the necessary knowledge processes and provides expertise.​

For this purpose, the SIG organizes webinars and live events with selected international professionals that show how organizations can move towards ESG on the following topics:

– Strategic Framing (macrotrends, ethics implications, scenarios)
– Best practices examples (organizational implementation, technologies)
– Standards and processes (norms, IPMA Standards).

SIG focus areas

#Net + SIG is, and focuses on the following areas:

  • Vision of the Future, framing of the context, strategic view
  • Standards and regulations evolution within IPMA and within Project Management context (e.g. EU Taxonomy, Non-Financial Reporting, LCA, US Inflation Reduction Act, etc.)
  • Best Practices, case studies, research advancements that can inspire the Project management community

SIG target groups

  • Project-, Program- and Portfolio Managers
  • Business Leads
  • Executives
  • Change Managers
  • Product Developers and Designers