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The Smarter Rural SIG is focused on growing rural development, engaging with communities and experts from around the world who share similar challenges. The vision of the Smarter Rural SIG is to become a global knowledge network for sustainable rural development knowledge exchange.The Smarter Rural SIG is defined by the core values of livability, workability and sustainability.


Global Head of Artificial Intelligence SIG

Did You Know?

25% of the population provides food and basic supplies to the remaining 75%. In conjunction with IPMA’s member Associations around the world, we are developing a knowledge-exchange system on innovation and rural competitiveness. 

The rural sector has a transcendent role in the care and preservation of the environment. They generate governance, and are supported by tradition. IPMA seeks to work

Who Should Join?

  • Governments and official institutions (locally, regionally, nationally, worldwide)
  • Infrastructure Agencies (development banks, funding agents etc.)
  • Project/Program/Portfolio Professionals
  • Consulting Companies
  • Academic Institutions

SIG Leadership

  • SIG leader: Jesus Martinez Almela (Spain)
  • SIG co-leads: Jorge Peart (Mexico), Luis Vindas (Costa Rica)

Our Outlook:

A range of issues define in World Smart Rural Projects:

  • Lack of systemization in project, program and portfolio management (PPPM) 
  • Insufficient KPI setting for projects
  • Various definitions of individual and organizational competences and resource requirements for projects
  • Lack of standardized framework in Smart Rural projects as part of Rural Context Worldwide
  • Need for role clarification of stakeholders in each phase

The Smarter Rural will address how PPPM can be utilised towards the development of Smarter Rural. We will explore the key challenges experienced in the endeavor to enhance workability, sustainability and livability in cities and how PPPM can be used to address these. We will seek to understand how PPPM can be used to make  Smarter Cities a reality. 

SIG Advisory Board

  • John Atkinson (Ireland)
  • Dr Vladimir Obradovich(Serbia)
  • Ben Barend Peters (South Africa-prov-)
  • Dr SivhatanuPillai (India)
  • Dr Lixiong Ou (China -prov-)

Our Main Focus Areas

We seek to develop practical standards and solutions that help project managers design and implement AI solutions in the following areas:

Systematize best practices
Models for innovation management and territorial competitiveness
Promote the creation of national networks
Comprehensive use of natural resources
Promote the usage of Agriculture V.4 (Predictive)
Facilitate the exchange and management of knowledge and competence

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