SIG Global Head

ChinaYang ZHANG
Hohai University and World Water Valley Institute

SIG managing team

  • Haiwei ZHOU, Hohai University, China

  • Xueqing ZHANG, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

  • Li TAO, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, China

SIG Advisory Board

  • Ronggui DING, Shandong University, China

  • Jingjing HUANG, The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute, China

  • Yiping LI, Hohai University, China

  • Iskandar ABDULLAEV, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Germany

  • Ekaterina KHALIMON, State University of Management, Russia

  • Sitthiroth RASPHONE, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Laos

  • Sam SEUN, Royal Academy of Cambodia, The Kingdom of Cambodia

  • Pulatov ERGASHEVICH, The Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, Tajikistan

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as enshrined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development are intricately linked to the equality of access to water and the reliability of water supply. However, over 2 billion people in the world live in countries that experience high water stress. Water project management now becomes the key activities to neutralize the water supply and demand by humankinds and the nature. Moreover, climate change leads to huge imbalance in water resources between regions and countries. Water project management can play an important role in mitigating the problems caused by the uneven distribution of huge water resources caused by natural disasters.

IPMA Water Special Interest Group members have the opportunity to find like-minded researchers and professionals, save time and budgets by accessing the best research and practices of water project management, as well as to consolidate their positioning as outstanding scholars and professional project managers.The secretary office of IPMA Water SIG is located in Hohai University World Water Valley Institute.

Why join?

If you are interested in project management for water projects, like hydro power station, harbor, dam, water treatment, sewage, you should join IPMA Water SIG!
IPMA Water SIG will give you the eye-opening experience on the latest development of water projects in the globe. You will have chance to meet and connect with the global experts in water project management fields. You will learn the wisdom and success of project management of water projects in the world. You will also have chance to expand your network to academia, industry and organizations related with water project management.

SIG focus areas

  • Water Management Issues in Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG)

  • Water Project Management

  • Water Stewardship

  • Water Security Problem

  • Water Culture

  • Hydro Engineering Projects

  • Flood and Drought Prevention Project Management

  • International River Cooperation Canal

  • Hydro Engineering Projects

  • Flood and Drought Prevention Project Management

  • International River Cooperation

  • Canal

SIG target groups

  • Professors and researchers of project management, especially on water project management

  • Professionals working for water project management

  • Consulting to governments on water resource project management