SIG: Smarter Cities

The IPMA Smarter Cities Special Interest Group focuses on the use of project, programme and portfolio management for the building of Smarter Cities. Smarter Cities are those that focus on three key aspects – workability, liveability and sustainability.


Global Heads of Smarter Cities SIG

Did You Know?

The  Smarter Cities SIG is an explorer of ideas and alternatives. We play the role of opening the conversation and bring people together.

SIG Advisory Board

  • Beverly Pasian
  • Mohammad Mahoud
  • Robert Laubscher
  • Zhen Chen

Our Outlook:

Join a community of professionals that share a common passion of creating Smarter Cities. Learn, network and engage. 

Who Should Join?

  • PPPM Professionals working for City government
  • Consulting to City governments
  • Individuals in the Smart City tech space

Our Main Focus Areas

Issues that cannot be solved by technology - e.g. air quality, climate change, overcrowding, etc.
PPPM IT technologies
Developed vs. developing nation challenges.
Data Science
Pressing needs of the urban poor for basic services in tension with high-tech solutions available to optimise service provision.

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