In modern society, optimising city functions and promoting economic growth while at the same time improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis, becomes an imperative.

Smarter Cities Special Interest Group members focus on the use of project, programme and portfolio management for the building of cities which take into account three essential aspects – workability, liveability and sustainability.

Smart cities are gaining more and more importance in the recent years as they leverage technology and data to improve sustainability, efficiency, and quality of life for residents, while also addressing challenges such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and energy consumption. SIG Smarter Cities is a community of professionals who share a common interest in the intersection of technology, urban planning, and sustainable development. It provides a platform for members to share best practices, discuss new ideas, and collaborate on projects related to smart cities.

Why join?

The Smarter Cities SIG is an explorer of ideas and alternatives. We play the role of opening the conversation and bring people together via project, programmes and portfolios. Creating value with technology as an enabler.

SIG focus areas

  • GIS
  • PPPM IT technologies
  • Data Science
  • Issues that cannot be solved by technology – e.g. air quality, climate change, overcrowding, etc,
  • Developed vs. developing nation challenges
  • Pressing needs of the urban poor for basic services in tension with high-tech solutions available to optimise service provision

SIG target groups

  • PPPM Professionals working for City government
  • Consulting to City governments
  • Individuals in the Smart City tech space