SIG: Smarter U

The IPMA Smarter U Special Interest Group solves the challenges of large, complex projects in universities around the world. 

The Smarter U SIG exists to promote project management excellence within and across universities by connecting university leaders and teams; delivering best practices, standards and education; and providing opportunities to network. 

Smarter U will allow you to find like-minded professionals, save time and budgets by accessing the best practices of University project management, the world best practices, as well as consolidate your positioning as a professional project Manager and present the practices of your organization.


Global Head of Smarter U SIG

Did You Know?

Taking into account the high demand for the best practices exchange and adaptation of existing global project management practices to the university activities, we created IPMA SIG: Smarter U.

There are more than 20,000 universities in the world, each implementing a huge number of projects of different types and complexity. Project management is becoming one of the key competencies of a modern successful University. 

In response to globalization, digitalization, and increased competition, universities are launching large-scale organizational changes and creating project portfolios to transform the corporate culture, organizational structure, business processes, and even the mission of universities: innovation, entrepreneurship, and social issues are added to education and research. This creates a demand for professional tools for implementing changes in life, for project management tools.

Who Should Join?

We’d like to invite university professionals from a variety of backgrounds to join the Smarter U SIG. Are you:

  • Heads of project offices of the universities.
  • Project managers at universities.
  • Rectors and Vice-rectors.
  • Teachers.
  • Teachers of project management. 
  • Representatives of the Ministry of education and science.  

SIG Advisory Board

  • Ding Ronggui
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes
  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Obradović
  • Dr. Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić
  • MSc. Miguel Mercado
  • Dr. German Gallardo Cevallos
  • Dr. Pablo V. Urquizo
  • Veniamin Kizeev
  • Yulia Knyazeva

Our Outlook:

The practice of learning on real projects is being introduced in the educational process. Previously, many professionals working in project logic did not use professional project management tools, but due to the requirements of the modern world, students ‘ immersion in project activities is becoming necessary.

The very implementation of projects in the course of the educational process is becoming the standard of our time. Large-scale scientific projects funded by the state budget and large private companies require transparent budget allocation, increased efficiency, and the use of modern project management tools.

Our Main Focus Areas

Distance Learning
Long Life Learning
Multidisciplinary Scientific and Innovation Projects

Upcoming Events:

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