Combining the strengths of the Smarter Cities and Smarter Rural SIG, the Smarter Urban Rural Special Interest Group (SIG) emerges as a pivotal entity within the project programme and portfolio management community. Recognizing the imperative of optimizing urban functions and fostering economic growth while enhancing citizens’ quality of life through technologies and data analysis, our SIG adopts a comprehensive approach to project, program, and portfolio management. We equally emphasize the crucial role of rural areas, integrating their unique needs and contributions to ensure a balanced development. This approach bridges the gap between urban and rural sectors, fostering a symbiotic relationship that leverages the strengths of each to enhance the overall sustainability and resilience of our communities.

Smarter Cities Special Interest Group members are dedicated to fostering collaboration between urban innovation and rural wisdom, engaging with diverse communities and experts worldwide to address shared challenges and realize common goals.

SIG Global Head

South Africa, Cape Town
South Africa, Cape TownBarend Daniёl (Ben) Peters
Director : Corporate Project Programme and Portfolio Management

SIG Advisory Board

SIG Smarter Urban Rural is a community of professionals delving into the complexities of modern living environments by integrating workability, liveability, and sustainability, with a strong focus on bridging the divide between urban and rural sectors. It provides a platform for members to enable competence development, knowledge sharing, standardization, and network building among those passionate about building smarter urban-rural environments.

Why join?

The Smarter Urban Rural SIG endeavors to provide a platform that seamlessly integrates urban and rural dynamics into the evolving landscape of living environments with the aim to:

  • Enhance Quality of Life and Workability
  • Preserve and Care for Environments
  • Promote Growth and Development
  • Foster Collaboration and Interface
  • Deal with Diversity and Improve Liveability, Workability, and Sustainability
  • Encourage Optimization through Technologies
  • Focus on PPPM Practices

SIG focus areas

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • PPPM Technologies

  • Data Science
  • Sustainability Challneges

  • Urban-Rural Dynamics

  • Equity and Inclusion

SIG target groups

  • PPPM Professionals

  • Technology Innovators

  • Municipal Authorities