SIG: Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group is dedicated to sharing expertise, experience and lessons learned in advancing AI solutions. Our members cooperate to produce solutions that will enhance project implementations. We communicate, meet, and organize conferences from time to time too!


Global Head of Artificial Intelligence SIG

Did You Know?

There are numerous benefits that project managers draw from the use of artificial intelligence.  First, AI provides support to project managers. This is because it eases the burden and pressure of project management through application of machines. AI is also helpful in providing project managers with accuracy of results since the tasks performed using AI do not have mistakes and errors. 

In addition, use of AI helps project managers with insight and strategizing. For example, an AI tool is able to suggest alternative or additional steps to project managers who are handling very difficult projects. In addition to helping project managers in performing the above tasks, it also enhances effectiveness and efficiency hence increasing project manager’s productivity through enhancing their creativity while adding to their emotional intelligence.

Our Outlook:

There’s no question that artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies being developed. As powerful as it is, people still have a lot of questions about it, like how can it be used and what impact will it have.

The impact of artificial intelligence will be greater and will happen sooner than we can prepare for. It will likely change or disrupt just about everything we experience in our lives and in society as a whole.

This will have a positive impact in many ways, creating opportunities for those who are early to adopt new tools and follow trends as changes happen, but it will also be stressful, disappointing and confusing for people who ignore or aren’t fully prepared for the changes that AI will bring.

Who Should Join?

  • CTOs, CIOs
  • Project Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientists
  • Program Manager, Technology Transfer
  • Technical Program Managers
  • Customer Deployment Managers

Our Main Focus Areas

We seek to develop practical standards and solutions that help project managers design and implement AI solutions in the following areas:

Cloud Solutions / IoT (Internet of Things)
5G Mobile Internet / Voice-Driven Software
Building Information Modeling
Advanced Robotics
Autonomous (Self-Driving) Vehicles
Large-Scale Energy Storage
3D Printing
Gene Sequencing

Upcoming Events:

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