Globalization, digital transformation and market shocks have emphasized the importance of developing new products in order for companies to remain competitive on the market, maintain relationships with customers and achieve successful cooperation with external partners through innovation activities. Technology alone is not enough, with proper project management, an open culture and the right skills and resources, companies can implement digital transformation and achieve benefits for their business.

IPMA Innovation & Change Special Interest Group members will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with experts focused on improving the planet through better innovation and change techniques, and with strong ties to product development, technology and marketing industries.

SIG Global Head

CroatiaDr. Tena Obradović Posinković
Project Coordinator

We are practitioners who have been in the trenches. We are academics, business leaders, product developers, small business owners and executives, striving for better, more practical methods to create innovations and embed change. We recognize that all innovation and change begins and ends with people.

Why join?

Joining the IPMA Innovation and Change Special Interest Group will support your career and build your network. The SIG will put you in touch with like-mind professionals from all around the world.

SIG focus areas

  • Digital Transformation
  • New Product Development
  • Agile Ways of Working
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Customer and User Experience

SIG target groups

  • Project and Program Managers
  • Academics
  • Business leads
  • Product developers
  • Executives