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Megaprojects are the world’s most complex projects, which are often developed by public and private entities to address societal needs. These projects are notoriously difficult to manage given several dimensions affecting complexity, resulting in common delays and significant over-budgets.

IPMA Megaprojects Special Interest Group members have access to the latest academic and industrial thinking about the management of megaprojects. We bring together experts to advance our understanding of the best practices to manage complex projects.


Global Head of Megaprojects SIG

Did You Know?

The biggest debate about megaprojects is about the common cost overruns, what causes them and how to avoid with smarter practices. 

There is one school of thought with arguments that the main problem is the estimation of costs before the project start, we need therefore to improve our competencies in forecasting. 

Another school of thought argues that given the longevity of such projects (often more than 7 years), the delivery phase hides several problems that might increase the final cost. We need, therefore, to improve our understanding of what is going wrong during this phase and improve our strategies and practices to deal with the potential risk.

Our Outlook:

The Megaprojects SIG advocates for a systemic understanding of the problems and solutions, incorporating all debates and presenting events to advance the understanding of megaproject delivery.

The large majority of megaprojects are classified as infrastructure (airports, ports, railway, bridges). We are members of the project management community, managers delivering megaprojects, and also major and large-scale projects, all of whom benefit from more sophisticated discussion and networking.

We engage with policymakers, and students attend from all continents (mainly MSc and PhD levels).

Who Should Join?

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Academics
  • Strategists
  • Executives

Our Main Focus Areas

Megaproject Delivery Practices
Supply Chain Management
Stakeholder Management
Risk and Uncertainty

Upcoming Events:

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