Due to pandemic, the last couple of years exposed important shortcomings in the healthcare system, such as shortages of critical medical supplies and personal protective equipment, limited coordination of early diagnostics, mixed readiness for modern healthcare delivery models such as telehealth, and historically offshored healthcare supply chains. However, at the same time, the pandemic underscored that healthcare is a critical piece of national infrastructure, not just another business sector.

IPMA Healthcare Special Interest Group members have the opportunity to work on the development of practical standards and solutions, as well as exchange ideas and best practices in healthcare from across the globe.

SIG Global Head

BrazilDr. Juliana Pan
Executive Manager of Strategic Projects and Planning at the Institute of Social Responsibility Sírio-Libanês

SIG managing team

SIG Advisory Board

  • Dr. Raphael Albergarias, President of the Instituto de Desenvolvimento em Gestão de Projetos

  • Felipe Spinelli
  • Miguel Cendoroglo
  • Simone Azevedo
  • Henrique Neves

Government investment in healthcare today is unlike any other year in modern times. The degree of public funding for healthcare, the embrace and reimbursement of innovative emerging care models, moves to encourage R&D collaboration, which accelerated vaccine development to an unprecedented pace, and the push to shore up domestic supply chains for critical medical equipment all demonstrate ways that healthcare can radically improve.

In general, the healthcare sector can be divided into four domains that serve as the backbone of this industry.

Healthcare services and facilities Manufacturer of medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies Medical insurance, medical services, and managed care Pharmaceuticals and Related Segments

Why join?

  • Conducting research to determine the specifics of project management at healthcare sector and develop a general PPPM* standard that can be largely used in the area
  • Exchange of experience in using and development of project management discipline at healthcare sector organizations
  • Dissemination of adapted tools and methodologies for project management
  • Development of a methodology for assessing the project management system at different facilities within healthcare sector
  • Conducting a competition for the best projects among healthcare sector organizations in the four domains
  • Conducting round tables, webinars, as well as participation in conferences and forums
  • Attraction healthcare sector organizations as sponsors for the development of professional project management.

SIG focus areas

  • Online forum for PM Healthcare Sector
  • Benchmarking on Project Management Healthcare
  • Healthcare Project Management webinars, round tables and conferences
  • Competition for healthcare projects
  • Promote the creation of national networks
  • Research of project management standards and practices

SIG target groups

  • Heads of hospital project offices
  • Project managers and sponsors at hospital systems
  • Healthcare policy makers
  • Lean Six Sigma and Agile experts in healthcare
  • Healthcare consultants